How to Save Water at Home

Saving water is always a good idea as it’s great for the environment and for your budget too. Wasting water is exactly that – waste – so we should try to avoid it in whatever way we can. The following tips provide some advice on the best ways to help save water at home, though you may also be able to think of other ways too: 1. Use water tanks The one fairly obvious way to save water is to

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How Can Slurry Be Used Around the House?

While slurry is normally only used in agricultural environments, it is possible to use this nutrient rich fertiliser around the house to encourage the healthy growth of gardens and plants. Let’s take a closer look at slurry, and how it can be used to benefit non-agricultural land and gardens. What is Slurry? For many years, slurry was produced in a slurry pit, a hole or effluent storage tank which collects all the animal waste. This waste is usually cow manure

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Water Ponding: All You Need to Know

If you’ve ever experienced large pools of water on your property, you’ll know how annoying and inconvenient water ponding can be, not to mention how dangerous. So here’s everything you need to know about ponding; from how it’s caused to what you can do about it. What is Water Ponding? Firstly, for those who don’t know what it is, water ponding is a common problem that can occur wherever there is a flat surface such as on top of a flat

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How Do You Waste Water?

Water is a resource that we tend to take for granted far too much. As water is essentially available “on tap” whenever and wherever we need it, it’s a key resource that we can be incredibly wasteful of…without even realising it! Each person in Ireland consumes approximately 150 litres of water every day. To put that into perspective, that’s two whole bathtubs full of water. What is most alarming about this significant daily consumption of water is that a large portion

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